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I seek to promote a dialogue between my work and the viewer in order to re-examine the critical global environmental issues of water in the twentyfirst century.   By 2025 water will become the most serious resource problem in the world economy.   Water pollution is already the single largest cause of sickness and death worldwide. 

 I address this increasingly important environmental issue using Renaissance techniques.   Following the formulas and preparations of the old masters, I use hand ground Italian pigments suspended in pure linseed oil, mixed daily with a painting medium, comprising ingredients used by Rubens, researched by the chief conservator of the Louvre, to create the multilayered abstracted works that evoke the colors of the seicento. 

 My multilayered paintings not only offer aesthetic meditations on water-based natural landscapes, but also encourage viewers to engage in a process of careful decoding.   Such decoding offers a model for an examination of the contemporary struggles over resources, including the corporate privatization of water supplies in developing countries and the location of toxic industry in low-income communities.