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Pristine Power - triptych - Total height 60 inches X width 90 inches

In the Middle Ages water was considered green.Today, water is considered blue, the color of immortality and infinity. Water is light and airy, fragile and precarious, powerful and awe inspiring.  The transparency and ephemerality of water gives it the ability to capture light and reflect it.

 Stains on Our Conscience  - Height 42 inches X width 52 inches

Aesthetics and conscience collide in painting as nowhere else in contemporary art. Fauvism nurtured us into accepting the pictorial anomaly of a red river.Now, the beauty of these images and their real meaning might place us in a state of confusion. Metal mining and smelting stain the land and the waterways just as our disregard for the plight of others stains our lives like a birthmark.

Mirage  - Height 52 inches x width 42 inches

The desert … a wasteland of terrifying beauty, with dunes –sometimes 1,000 feet high winding sinuously as far as the eye can see. A place of immense contrasts where the burning sand takes and destroys life. Illusions of water play with the mind. Water is rarely a reality.

The Assurance of Life  - Height 42 inches X width 52 inches

In 2002, the United Nations resolved that sufficient and safe drinking water is a basic human right.   1.2 billion people worldwide do not have access to clean water.  “Everyday, around the world,” according to public-health expert Eileen Stillwaggon:  “illness related to water supply, waste disposal, and garbage kills 30,000 people and constitutes75 percent of the illnesses that affect humanity“ .“Indeed, digestive-tract diseases arising from poor sanitation and pollution of drinking water – including diarrhea, enteritis, colitis,typhoid, and paratyphoid fevers – are the leading cause of death in the world,affecting mainly infants and small children”  (From Stillwaggon’sbook ‘Stunted Lives, Stagnant Economies’) By 2025, nearly 50% of the world’s population (at least 3.5billion people) will face water scarcity. Nearly 97% of the world’s water is salty; another 2% is locked in icecaps and glaciers … this leaves 1% for all our needs.   90% of waste water in developing countries is discharged into rivers and streams without any treatment.

Vanishing Waters - Height 38 inches X width 62 inches

Water, ephemeral and transparent in nature. May we, in our ignorance and greed, never abuse this power in our lives.

Paradise Garden  - Height 52 inches X width 42 inches

The Paradise Gardens of Mesopotamia, the rugs of ancient Persia, the Kasbahs of Algeria and Mughal miniatures all center around the image of water.  Water is a virtually universal symbol of purity, rebirth and transformation.  The Club of Rome published their famous report ‘The Limits to  Growth ‘’ during the1970’s and conceptual artists like Robert Smithson and Andy Goldsworthy began dealing with environmental issues.   In subsequent decades, however, as the threat of resource scarcity receded from view, art largely abandoned this engagement with ecology.  Today we again face growing awareness of the limits of resources and the potentials for conflict which result from such limits.

Liquid Ice – Height 42 inches X width 52 inches

Summer temperatures in the Arctic are 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than 40 years ago, resulting not only in the melting of the ice but, more significantly, the disintegration of the ancient ice shelves, enabling the glaciers behind them to surge into the sea with a speed startling to scientists.   If the West Antarctic IceSheet (which is presently contained by the Ronne and Ross ice shelves) melts,it would raise sea levels 23 ft. worldwide  Perennial sea ice, which 25 years ago covered an area of the Arctic the size of thecontinental United States, has since lost as much as would cover New York,Georgia and Texas combined.   Scientists predict that the summertime Arctic will be ice-free before the end of this century.

The Pool Becomes a Mirror – Height 52 inches X width 42 inches

Citizens in affluent nations seldom see beyond the reflections of today’s still waters – where water is easily available - to a world that may be dry and barren.    We need to try to understand the crucial cleavage between life lived in this world of affluence and unlimited resources and life as it will have to be lived if we continue to disregard the ecological issues facing us.   The industry of water follows closely behind those of oil and electricity.  Although clean water is the cheapest and single most important medicine in the world, public provision of water, like free toilets,often competes with powerful private interests. Water sales are a lucrative industry in poor cities. In Nairobi,”where politically connected entrepreneurs resell municipal water (which costs very little to families wealthy enough to afford a tap) in the slums at exorbitant prices, Mberita Katela, a vegetable hawker, walks a quarter mile every morning to buy water in the Kibera slum.  She uses a communal pit latrine just outside her door – shared with 100 of her neighbors” – from Rasna Warah’s book ‘Nairobi’s Slums: Where Life for Women is Nasty, Brutish and Short

Trickle Fall – Height 60 inches X width 36 inches

Las Vegas, which has the fastest growing metropolitan area in America, located in the most arid desert in North America, uses more water per capita than any other city in the country – 30 million visitors a year pour into the city, having had to cross the desert either by car or plane.  The World Bank has stated that “One way or another, water will soon be moved around the world as oil is now”.  Corporations are now involved in theconstruction of massive pipelines to carry fresh water long distances for commercial sale, while others are constructing supertankers and giant sealed water bags to transport vast amounts of water across the ocean to paying customers.   The mass movement of bulk water could have catalytic environmental impacts – greater even than China’s Three Gorges Dam.  According to World Water Council Data, much of the Western United States is an area of water stress where the rate of use is high in relation to total renewable resources. Similar stress areas are found in the Sahara, the Middle East and Central Asia.

Tension - Height 52 inches X width 42 inches

I met a man who wasn't there .... the tension between what the eye sees and the mind fills in.

Red EveningHeight 52 inches X width 42 inches

  Solar Heat - Height 42 inches X width 52 inches

The burning heat of the sun is the enemy of water, parching the earth when rains fail, but its golden energy may be focused for the benefit of mankind.

Terra Verte - Height 52 inches X width 42 inches

The true Brentonica earth. Semi-transparent, slightly gritty, with a velvet light, soft, light absorbing surface. A delicate green. Not an opaque, olive, or yellowish green.... Georgione's green

Prussian Night - Height 40 inches X width 30 inches

The day is spent - Evening draws in.

Renaissance LIght  - Height 52 inches X width 42 inches

My use of Renaissance techniques aptly illustrates the  awareness of the transparency of color combined with the inner glow which Renaissance artists achieved. Dr.De Mayerne , physician to Rubens, wrote a manuscript on van Eyck and Ruben's structural methods.  Cennini and Vasari also provided documentation of these techniques.

Theater of War - Height 48 inches X width 60 inches

Lays waste all that past civilizations have created. How will we answer when our days are done?